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Oscar is the founder of Divorcio Pacifico (Peaceful Divorce).

Attorney at law graduated at Universidad Santa Maria, in Caracas, Venezuela (1980). He practiced law in Venezuela for more than 20 years.

In 1998, he obtained the mediator certification from the Florida Supreme Court of Justice in the civil area, later complementing it with the certification as Family Mediator. Further trained as mediator of business disputes, international child abductions, Cross Borders Child Abduction Mediation (Hague and non-Hague convention), Real Estate Foreclosure in Florida,

Oscar has been approved by the Florida Dispute Resolution Center as a mediator trainer.

He served as an associate mediator for the Divorce Without War group and the Mediar Inc. group. He has been a contractor at the County and Family Mediator for the Mediation and Arbitration Department, Broward County Court, Florida, since 2005.


Additional college degrees:

Doctor of Veterinary Medicine, graduated at Universidad Federal Rural de Brasil, Rio de Janeiro, Brasil (1968).

Master of Science, Comparative Pathology,( Equine Reproduction) University of California , Davis USA

Practiced equine (thoroughbred) veterinary medicine in Lexington, Kentucky as well as in Venezuela for ten years. 

Oscar currently heads the Peaceful Divorce group, located in Weston, Florida.



In 2013, Oscar was appointed by the President of the Florida Supreme Court, as a member of the Supreme Court Committee on ADR Rules and Policy. In June 2020, he was reappointed for the next 2 years.

This committee aims to recommend to the Florida Supreme Court of Justice, issues related to all aspects of mediator policy, certification, and renewal in the state, including continuing education and mediator training.

He has been a member of the Mediator Qualifications & Discipline Review Board. from 2011 to this date. The MQDRB oversees analyzing and deciding on the alleged ethical violations by certified mediators.

Oscar has been a member of the Board of Directors of the South Florida Association of Mediators and Arbitrators, as well as the Florida Academy of Professional Mediators (2008-2009) and was Executive Director of the Venezuelan American Chamber, Florida (2005-2008).


Oscar has had the honor of being invited to participate as a lecturer, speaker, and instructor in ​​Mediation and Alternative Conflict Resolution Media, in various national and international congresses and conferences, such as:

  • Florida Dispute Resolution Center Conference, Orlando, Florida 

  • Mediators training seminar, sponsored by the Chamber of Commerce of Valladolid Spain

  • First Inter-American Congress of Mediation, Uruguay

  • Supreme Court of Florida, Tallahassee 

  • International Conference in Medicine Conflict Resolution, Belo Horizonte, Brazil

  • Dispute Resolution International Conference, Puerto Rico

  • Inter-American Bar Association, Panama

  • Florida Dispute Resolution Center Conference, Orlando, Florida

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