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My experience as a lawyer and a divorce mediator has taught me that many couples can effectively reconcile their differences and continue their marriage-marital relationship. I have observed that the partial or even total absence of effective communication, is a primary factor in marital instability and often ends up destroying the relationship. We communicate from the moment we are born when with a deep cry, we announce to the world that we have arrived until we emit our last breath. That is to say, communicating is innate in all living beings, the great difference is that not all of us know how to communicate or we do not do it in a coherent, efficient and productive way, making it ineffective. When communication in marriage is not effective, the relationship suffers and wears out to the point that it becomes impossible to continue married. I am not a psychologist or a marriage counselor. My goal is to help the couple understand and learn to negotiate and manage their differences to communicate effectively, reconciling past disputes and avoiding those that may arise in the future.


The difference between divorce mediation and marital conciliation is that the former helps the couple to reach mutually beneficial agreements to dissolve the marriage bond, and the latter helps the couple to overcome their differences, optimizing their relationship and to carry on with their married life.

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