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Although business relationships are based on commercial laws and rules that must be respected by everyone, each company or business has its own pattern of behavior, designed by its owners, observed by executive staff, and followed by workers. Every business negotiates their products or services differently from other companies. The mediation of conflicts arising from strained commercial relationships covers all disputes that may occur from the beginning to the end of the negotiation.

The mediator uses negotiation and resolution techniques to facilitate an agreement without going to the court. 


The controlling and coercive management style no longer works. Demographic and economic changes require that managers should train employees to negotiate with each other. Unfortunately, many management development programs fail to capacitate their managers to train employees to settle their differences. Interdisciplinary teams sharing responsibilities intensify interdependence among employees, which may create conflicts that need to be resolved, before negatively affecting company productivity, diminishing profit.

Our goal is to use negotiation and mediation techniques to proactively resolve internal conflicts, dramatically improving the work environment, thus, increasing profit.

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